Will that Hello Kitty Pet Ever Be Held By Its Rightful Owner In My Future?


From the moment I knew I was pregnant, I knew I was having another boy.  But then everyone I knew bet I was having a girl, and the Pep was convinced that he was going to have the most beautiful little sister.  I allowed him to imagine how it would be for us to have a little girl around the house.  The little dresses and slippers, the hair styles,  and all “the pink and girly stuff”!  We even sneaked off to Babies R Us and purchased a little “hello kitty” stuffed animal (I know we shouldn’t have… but we did).  The Pep and I began to hope and believe that we were having a girl …. Jade Isabel.

Next, Monday came and I awoke with complications and had no choice but to emit myself at a local emergency room.  There during a sonogram, I was able to view my child’s long legs and feet.  Wouldn’t you know it, the baby’s legs were spread and thus shed light on yet another wiener.

As fate has it, or rather my fate has it, I have been blessed with another son.  Thus being my second child and second boy.

I was happy to know my baby was healthy, after all that is most important.  However, a little bit of sadness crossed over me,  as I realized that I would more than likely never get to have the experience of having a daughter.  Not to mention, the reaction the Pep was going to have.  You see, as fate also has it, my body is high-risk for pregnancies and is just not made to harvest many children.  Two children was my limit.

So of course I delivered the news to the Pep and his Aunt (my sister who has only daughters), half expecting their reactions.  While my sister jokingly asked why I was hogging all the boys, the Pep began to cry.

Eventually, the Pep calmed down when I explained to him that he now had a padawan learner (aka: Jedi Apprentice).  This made him get excited and he has now begun his lesson planning!

On the other hand, my hubby was ecstatic.  His response,  “ We sure did dodge the bullet, didn’t we”?  I should have known that all my husband could give me was testosterone!   In fact, if it was up to him, I would give birth to an entire football team.  “No”, he said, “Just enough for a rock band”!

Oh man, and it didn’t stop there.  The Pep was asking me this morning what was next after I had his brother.  Eluding to the idea of me having another baby, a third child!  I told him what was next was “My Sanity” and that a third baby wouldn’t ensure him a sister.  And with my luck, I would probably have boy #3!  I told him to be patient and wait and see how our hands will be full with his brother, once he arrives.

I was told that I was lucky to be able to remain “The Queen” of the house.  But that will never fill that desire and small void deep within that envisions a little dancing girl in a dress, cuddling her little “hello kitty” pet.

In the meantime, I await what is in store for me …. Another handsome baby boy!


One thought on “Will that Hello Kitty Pet Ever Be Held By Its Rightful Owner In My Future?

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