Pinka – A Face Only Maebel Can Love!



This is my niece Maebel who is showing off her side kick bunny rabbit, Pinka.  You see, Pinka has been around as long as Maebel has and is one of Maebel’s favorites.  Where ever Maebel goes… Pinka is sure to go.

Poor Pinka used to be a hip and vibrant pink stuffed bunny.  But 10 tails, one eye and one arm later, Pinka still lives.  My sister-in-law has even given up fixing Pinka up with new tails and stiches!  You might expect Pinka to be a cat considering she already went through 8 of her 9 lives, but no she is in fact a bunny rabbit! 

Yes, many people have tried to replace Pinka, but Maebel will just not go for replacing her side kick!  After all, Pinka doesn’t smell that bad, isn’t that dirty, and besides she can still see with her one eye and has two legs!

Pinka – A face only maebel can love …. the words from her mother!

You just can’t resist loving this kid!


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