It’s Been Awhile…

However by the looks of it, I’m not the only one who has been away.  Some of my favorite blogs have not had a new post in days, so I guess that makes me feel a little better.

I’m now 7 1/2 months pregnant and the Pep just got over having pneumonia.  Did that take a toll on me.  But he is now giving me attitude again and is eating us out of our home so it’s safe to say he is all better.  As a consequence though, I was forced to drop one of my classes, the one I wanted to take the most.  To be honest, I feel so relieved!  With a new baby coming and the holidays, I couldn’t be happier!

All the extra rest I have been getting lately, more than I have had in my entire life, has allowed me much time to think about many things.  New inspirations have sprung from different avenues in my life, so I definitely have many new thoughts to share.  I promise I won’t keep you waiting… too long!


2 thoughts on “It’s Been Awhile…

  1. lisa says:

    I LOVE YOU…I miss you, I am excited it is almost time! I know the end seems like slow motion, but when it is over, the years fly by and you may never experience this again. Take time, enjoy the absolute amazing miracle going on inside of you, and appreciate the fact that you are creating life. Before you know it, he will be 18 and moving out. Cyrus only has 9 1/2 years to go…any way, just sitting here thinking about you. I LOVE YOU!

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