I Mangled my Baby Toe… OUCH! Wah!

Yesterday night, Cyrus was content with his “iCarly” and I had baby Lucas all snug in his bouncer chair on the floor.  I was happy to be finally squeezing in some “mom” time.  Just when I was about to hop into the shower…..

I got my toe stuck, while stubbing and tripped over the damn bouncer chair…. for the hundredth time in the past month.  *#@&%$* was what came from my mouth as I lay flattened on the floor!  Once I had recovered… ya like hours later, I was pretty sure I broke the little baby!  I never did get to take that shower. ;(

I couldn’t even put it under my covers last night. ;[  And when I got up this morning, a fat & swollen, black & purple toe is what I found.  It hurts to walk on it and boy am I thankful it’s not raining cats and dogs outside.  So I was able to wear sandals today.  Like most days 😉

The worst part about it though, is that I have to walk across campus very early in the morning to get to class.  So I was for sure late to math today.  Not that I am ever on time…. but this time I had a real good excuse!  Especially since I had the proof! lol

Now there is not much I can do for it besides soaking it in epson salts, icing it, and just letting it heal on it’s own.  There is no way that I am paying any money for a doctor to tell me there is nothing he/she can do!  A splint for a baby toe? haha 

Just know though, for all you concerned friends out there, I am recovering just swell!  And I am by the way, extremely thankful that it wasn’t my ankle.  Or you would have a very unhappy camper on your hands!!! ;]



Murphy’s Law, wouldn’t you know it!  That I was bound to stub my toe again!  Well, it happened tonight.  I stubbed the poor toe on the base of my couch!  I will admit that I cried like a big baby for a solid 5 minutes! haha Glad that I can finally laugh about it!

6 thoughts on “I Mangled my Baby Toe… OUCH! Wah!

  1. Predictable says:

    Man…that Karma sure is a Bitch…who did you treat so poorly? Sure was not me! Love ya sis, and so sorry about that toe. 😦

  2. wonderlandhwy says:

    I truely believe that I am paying my Karma forward. Allowing freak painful experiences to occur now, so that down the road it will be nothing but smooth sailing! 😉

    P.S. Your mangled wrist is the result of what?? Karma?? What a bunch of crock! 😉

  3. FullOfIt says:

    In a very weird and eerie way, I truly do feel that my wrist is the result of Karma. That bitch got my ass. It was a painful wake-up call, I will say that. And unfortunately I will live with it the rest of my life; a daily reminder. Remember, if you act ugly then you receive ugly. What a nasty cycle this whole karma thing is.

  4. wonderlandhwy says:

    Wow! I don’t believe that freak accidents are a direct result of Karma. Epecially that of Bad Karma. I know many things happen for unknown reasons and cannot be put into a classification, as a product of Karma.
    I do not believe that everything resides on either side of the spectrum, but somewhere in the vast center!

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