The Nook

The Nook is an electronic book (eBook) reader developed by Barnes & Noble.  It is similar to the device known as the Kindle, which was developed by Amazon.  Being an avid reader and of course an avid of electronics, I was thrilled when I first discovered this device!  Initially I the thoughts of the impulsive shopper, “I ‘NEED’ a Nook”!  Then I instantly thought of my over crowded bookshelves at home.  All the books and stories, fiction & non-fiction, that I have adhered to over the years flooded my brain!  I thought of all the money I have spent purchasing those books.  Some books I have even purchased twice!  With $9.99 being the average price of an eBook, I started calculating how much money I could save.  So I drew up a little outline of some of my recent book spendings and sure enough, they exceeded the $259.00 price of the Nook very quickly.  Even when I added in the prices of the accessories that I would need, such as the cover and an SDcard.  Yes! I thought.  I was stoked.

But then reality set in….. and all the questions lined up for me to investigate before I was set on purchasing “My Nook”!

How often do I get to read novels these days?  I mean, most of the books I choose to read are non-fiction.  Would the books I want be available for this device?  Not to mention all the textbooks I have currently or would need in the future.

What file types did this device support?  Afterall, I read tons of files every single day.

How nice would the screen really be on my eyes? 

Quickly I began to search the web and my brain for the answers.

Rarely do I get the luxury of reading a novel or something of choice over my textbooks anymore.  I mean seriously folks…. with C++, Differential Equations and Political Science this semester, how do I have time to do anything, let alone read a book for my pure pleasure and enjoyment!  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy learning, but trying to read a 1000 page textbook on computer programing code is tough.  The information is so dense, I find myself reading the book over and over.  I even haul the book around as luggage, in hopes that there will be an opportunity for me to knock out a few pages here and there, while getting my hair done the other day, while waiting in the pick-up line and my son’s school, while waiting to pick my husband up from work, while in the bath…. Yikes!  My husband calls the damn book my third child.  How nice would it be if it was in a pdf format stored inside “My Nook”?  Awesome right?  But guess what?  The author does not offer any electronic file purchase options! *tear*  In fact, majority of my textbooks are not offered in electronic formats. *tear*  And if they are, they expire after a certain amount of time.  For example, the Calculus book (Most beautiful book I have ever purchased or owned.  The manufacturing quality is superb.) I own and used for over a year was available for purchase and in an acceptable file type.  It was less than half price only, it EXPIRED in 180 days!?!?  Now I must say, there is a certain joy to being able to keep a book you love and be able to reference it down the road.  Why should you have to pay for it to expire?  Why can’t these authors be a little more reasonable?  Shoot, I might even pay full price for the eBook or Pdf formats if I really HAD to HAVE the BOOK.  Having it on the Nook would be so convenient!  Well, it turns out folks, very few of my textbooks are available in the present. *tear*  There I was having Barnes & Noble and Amazon sending messages to the authors of the books that I wanted as acceptable computer/eReader types.

surprisingly though, it did support a number of file types:

From Barnes & Noble,
Fictionwise & eReader
  • EPUB
  • PDB
  • PDF
Other Sources
  • EPUB (Non or Adobe DRM)
  • PDB (Non DRM)
  • PDF
  • Graphics: JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP
  • Audio: MP3

Not Supported: DOC, LIT, TXT, AMZ (Amazon), LRZ/LRX (Sony) 

And YES! the Nook would be very easy on my eyes.  The Nook’s E Ink® display is similar to that of an Etch-A-Sketch.  With no glare or backlight, and adjustable text size, “you can read comfortably for hours”.

Of course there are other cool features about the Nook that I haven’t mentioned.  However, without the wide range of textbook availability, the Nook cannot serve its purpose for me nor make my life more convenient at this point.  So my dream of owning my very own Nook was very short-lived!  I really hope these authors can comprise on the issues at hand…. because this girl needs electronic file type textbooks and books that I can keep!

And even though I have my mine set already of purchasing an iPad (have myself on an email list to get one), I still will need my very own Nook!  The good news is though, by the time these authors out there, get their sh** together ;], I will be able to purchase the new improved Nook 10.0!  Especially since the moment you buy some sort of electronic device, it seems to be out dated within months of purchase!

I guess I have no choice folks, but to haul this textbook luggage of mine around. *Sigh*


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