Can I Please have Sex with an Alligator!

Last Friday, Mr Amazing actually had the day off!  So I begged and I begged for us to have a dinner and movie night, Just the Two of us.  Finally, after letting him sleep all day, we dropped off the boys with a friend and off we went.

Before seeing Shutter Island, we headed to Outback Steakhouse!  My favorite restaurant, although by far, not the cheapest in price.  But to be honest, I did not care.  Afterall, You only have one life, so you better live it.  And by all means, I am going to live mine.  We were not disappointed however.  Our food and drinks were fabulous.  And this is where the story begins…..

In the past, I have always ordered the crocodile drink.  Now I thought it was a martini but Mr Amazing, the drink master, insisted that it was a red cosmopolitian.  Regardless, it was no longer on their menus and no one seemed to know what I was talking about.  Besides, it had been over a year since I had even had an alcoholic beverage from Outback anyway.  The waitress mentioned that she would ask their bartender if he knew what I was talking about and I was cool with that.

When the waitress returned, low and behold, she was holding a drink.  But it was far from red and was called according to the waitress, a sexy alligator.  It was layered with color!  The top layer was brown in color, the middle layer was a yellowish green, and the bottom layer was dark redish burgundy!  Wow I exclaimed!  It wasn’t what I had in mind, but I was willing to give it a taste.  It ended up being delightful.  I gulped it down in about three swallows and Mr Amazing was shocked.  Since we still had time before our food was to arrive, the hubby insisted that I order another one.  Only this time we wanted to know the ingredients.  The man who prepared the drink ended up delievering the second one, so we had the opportunity to chat with him for a moment.

Our food eventually came and we ended up leaving full and satisfied, just in time to catch our movie.

Well today, Mr Amazing and I went grocery shopping and decided to buy the ingredients to my “sexy alligator”.  So tonight, when Mr Amazing went online to get the exact recipe on how to make my drink, he ended up discovering that my new good tasting drink was not a “sexy alligator” at all.  It was in fact, a “Sex with an Alligator”!  The two of us about died with laughter.  Mr Amazing thought that was so appropriate!  He made me ask him for the drink about 10 times before he would make it for me! LOL

Imagine that, there I was, “Can I Please have Sex with an Alligator”? 😉

Here is the Recipe from, for all of you interested:

Add sweet and sour & Midori to a shaker w/ice, shake and strain. Layer in razzberry liqueur and jager. Razzberry should go to the bottom and jager should float on top. Works best in Martini glass.


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