Oh the Games Children Play

On Sunday, Cyrus and I decided to take baby Lucas and drop by their Nana’s house for a little surprise visit.  While we were there visiting, Cyrus and his cousin Zoe were busy having a blast.  At one point in the evening though, the two of them were wrestling on the floor in the kitchen.  Of course, before anyone got hurt, I asked them to relax.  They continued to wrestle and struggle with each other and just when I was about to put my foot down and tell them to stop, Zoe shouts, “Give me that Mind Eraser Tool”!  Their Nana and I spotted the large lego block that Cyrus was holding, aka: the so-called Mind Eraser Tool and busted up laughing!

Turns out Cyrus and Zoe were wrestling to zap each others brains clean!  🙂

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