The Pep’s Freudian Slip

The Pep and I were watching Avatar, The Last Air Bender the other day.  We both absolutely love this cartoon series.  Hopefully I will have time to write a post on just how much I love this series soon.  However, I’m digressing…

There is a part in one of the earth episodes where one of the main characters, Sokka (male) reunites with another character named Suki (female).   In some past episodes these two characters have a “thing” for each other.  But due to some circumstances, they do not remain with each other through the series.  Anyhow, during this reuniting, Suki makes the following comment, “Wow Sokka, you with your cut off sleeves, have you been working out?”  Sokka’s response, “Oh ya, I have been doing a few tree branch curls here and there!” The truth is though, that Sokka hasn’t really worked out at all, and the rest of the characters in the group know that already.  So they laugh and roll their eyes.  But since Suki ‘likes” Sokka and hasn’t seen him in quite some time, she doesn’t even notice the others’ body language because she is tuned in and infatuated with Sokka.

It’s a funny part of the episode because Sokka is trying to act real strong, overly manly and cool!  The Pep and I always laugh at this part.  Well, this time the Pep says, ” He’s not ‘making out’ !” but then immediately blushed with the biggest grin on his face.  “I mean, I mean…. stutter…stutter….” was next out of the Pep’s mouth.  In fact, he couldn’t even get anything much out of his mouth.  The truth was that he meant to say that Sokka “doesn’t work out” which is the funny part of this scene.  But since Suki starts kissing Sokka, Pep apparently found that a little distracting.  He was embarrassed that he said those words in front of his “mom” because it gave “mom” insight into what he was thinking!    This made the scene even funnier to the Pep and I, as well as silly.  😉


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