It Isn’t Funny! Or Is It?

The other day, I was extremely upset.  In fact, I was so upset that I could not stop sobbing.  Those of you, who know me, know that I am not a crier.  So when I cry, you know I am very upset… and when I cry like I did just a few days ago…. Well just know, I typically am able to get over things quickly.  But let’s not focus on how upset I was. 

This story occurred while I was lying in bed crying my eyes out. (It’s amazing how tear ducts can produce that many tears!  My body was probably low on sodium after that ordeal. lol)  Anyways, the Hubby and baby Lucas were sitting in bed next to me.  When I had started sobbing baby Lucas started cracking up!  I mean he starting laughing so hard that he was hiccupping with laughter.  He was hysterical! The baby really thought I was laughing.  Of course Dad was trying to explain to him that Mom was crying and upset.  But how do you explain that exactly to a baby who is only 3 month??  Then Dad started telling him, “What’s so funny?  You think Mom is silly?  It’s not funny!”  But regardless, Lucas found my sobbing to be hilarious!

Later, once I had calmed down and was making Lucas a bottle of milk, he started crying hysterically.  You know, like babies do when they’re hungry.  As if they hadn’t eaten in days!  Well, this time was my turn to laugh!  So there I was walking up to him screaming in his crib, so I asked him, “Is it funny?  Not so funny when it’s your turn is it?”  And of course he didn’t calm down until he got his bottle in his mouth!

I truly wish a bottle of milk could solve all my problems!  🙂


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