For My Enjoyment!

Considering I live a very busy life style, school, work, mom with husband & kids, etc.. I rarely allow myself the enjoyment of reading books for leisure these days.  Every moment I get I have my nose is a damn textbook!  Sure, I enjoy some of my textbooks.  But they are textbooks nonetheless! 

So today, after feeling down lately…. I decided to go purchase a few books to read for nothing other than my personal enjoyment!  YAY!  The content is dense, I know.  However they are not very long books.  Hopefully, I will have some time to write some reviews.  I have updated my BookRoll and Here is my list:

Six Easy Pieces – Richard Feynman

Six Not-So-Easy Pieces – Richard Feynman

The Character of Physical Law – Richard Feynman

QED – Richard Feynman

P.S.  I know, I know… I am stuck on Non-Fiction.  But I will have you know, after I have finished these, I have plans to read a Fiction novel! (LB – wink*wink*)

One thought on “For My Enjoyment!

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