“spanked her butt”

This was the latest Top Search that led someone to me page! Of course I googled it to see if it actually would lead me to my blog…. uhhhh… I’m sure you can imagine just what kind of websites popped up with that search!

Turns out that phrase is one I used in a blog I wrote about my sister!  When we were kids, there was an incident where our mom “spanked her butt’!!!  lol  You can check out the blog here if you so choose! 🙂

Watch What I Can Do!

Geez! Never thought my site would be in the category of porn! YIKES!


2 thoughts on ““spanked her butt”

  1. Wenie says:

    YES! all of my pain has paid off. Just as the saying goes, “No pain, no gain”. I too am now infamous in the cyber world of google and its affiliates, thanks to you my sister, and my oh so painful moments in life 🙂

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