Crashed and Burned!

Yesterday, the Pep and I decided to take a walk to the park.  I went by foot pushing baby Lucas in the stroller and he went by scooter!  About half way there and the Pep cruises through some water.  He flies off the scooter and the curb….. Great!

When I catch up to him, he has a large cut on this leg and his knee is skinned up.  He is crying because it hurts and stings, not to mention that his pride has been stung.  The Big Brother is upset because now we have to turn around and go back home to clean up his leg verses continuing to the park!

He starts acting hysterical as we attempt to walk back home.  He just can’t walk.  I resort to carrying him on my back.  His scooter I hung over the handles of the stroller as I pushed it.  Did I mention that the way back home is uphill?

So let’s picture this….

Me, with the heavy 7 year old being carried on my back as I push the baby and scooter up the street, all the while uphill!

I must have been a sight!  Oh, the things us mothers have to experience! lol 



2 thoughts on “Crashed and Burned!

  1. Wenie says:

    My husband’s favorite saying: “Better you that me!” Sorry to hear about this experience. The positive side: Your son loves you that much more! and your workout was intensified by the extra load, in turn you burned more calories. YAy!

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