Difficult, Challenging, Complicated, and Yet Rewarding Lessons

One of the hardest things in life is accepting responsibility for one’s actions. Just like the good old saying, “You can’t learn unless You make mistakes!” The ability to admit to making mistakes is difficult and can be humiliating. Regardless of if you can admit your mistakes to others. That is one thing. But being able to admit your mistakes to yourself is most important. Acknowledging mistakes made to oneself, constitutes growth. And growth is one thing that every human being needs to experience in order to become a better person.

We are born innocent and naïve, no doubt! But quickly are we to be hardened by and subjected to the harsh realities of life. Exploited and blinded by these harsh realities, We are! But learning to accept them, regardless of ever learning the reasons why or their understandings is difficult, challenging and complicated. For some of us, it could take a lifetime. For others, never is a possibility.

By no means am I an expert or master of this. There are experiences that I have endured in my own life that with just the thought, make me cringe. Not the first time, or the second, third, tenth….. Like the hundredth time!  I do however, allow myself to think of and bring up these memories of experiences. I do not shut or block them out. Little by little, I am able to think of these experiences and dissect them. It gets easier and easier and less cringing as time goes on. And the lessons to be learned slowly start unraveling. Even if we are not yet ready to make nice!

Manning up to our mistakes can often be heart wrenching. More often than not, we do not intend on making mistakes. But we do. This is part of being human, although, many of us dream of being super human. The possibility of flawlessness in an extremely diverse universe can almost appear to be an impossibility.

And still, the lessons to be learned from these occurrences of past mistakes shape and mold us into individuals. Simultaneously every experience and lesson leaves a scar. These scars are left as a reminder that we have failed, learned, and most importantly overcame! Lessons to be learned are a process; a process in which no human is left without. Whether or not we acknowledge it, is the question!

The next time you are faced with yet another one of life’s harsh realities, try not to run away. Adhere to the experience with a subjective perspective. Perhaps, the lesson to be learned is quite simple. Yes the feelings rather good or bad will come, but then they will go. And although, You might feel as if you are losing your mind. Acknowledge your actions and like the Lion turtle said, “The true mind can weather all the lies and illusions without being lost.” In the end you will learn your lesson, overcome your failure, and continue to grow into a better individual.

This my friend, will be your prize!


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