The Role of “Mom”!


Often times the Role of being “Mom” can be so challenging. 

Heart breaks are among the common occurrences.  Like the time I had to confirm to the Pep that we all have to die.  Or the time I had to remind the Pep that he would make new friends at his new school.  The time I had to console the Pep when his friend’s Mom had to cancel our plans.  Or the time I had to reassure the Pep that “one day” he would have a sibbling, even though the answer was unknown.  How about the time I had to explain war to the Pep, that’s right!  He even asked how many people had been killed by bombs and asked me to show him some history books.  The time I had to discipline him for doing wrong.  Or when I was recently in the hospital after having his brother and hadn’t seen him for 6 days, I did my best to console him during his teary phone calls.  The unexpected accident in the pants has never gone without a confidence builder talk.  And the times he has pointed out my own mistakes. 

All the while with tears hidden behind my eyes and a choked voice.  I have stood up during all of these situations.  Just like I am standing up to the current situation and how I accidently managed to rip up the good copy of the first page to his science report.  Handwritten and in cursive I might add.  I just can’t believe I did it.  I had to give him a break to calm him down from the shower of tears.  And he keeps starting up again.  Omg!  I am still in awe of my actions!  Not to mention, I gave more work to the both of us!  Ugh!

Don’t get me wrong, the Role of “Mom” has its extraordinary rewards too.

But Sometimes, I wish I were the “Dad”!



6 thoughts on “The Role of “Mom”!

  1. Mama Too says:

    I have a story for you. My child who was giving me a hard time yesterday, was told by myself that she could not use my cell phone to text her friends. After begging, pleading, and disrespecting me at the dinner table she gave up and decided to ask her dad instead. Well, instead of him saying “No” to her also, he restricted his phone from making outgoing calls or outgoing texts. So he delightfully hands over his phone and instructs her to bring it back after 30 minutes. She thinks she has gotten over and leaves happily. Only to return 1 minute later thinking that his monthly bill is due and his phone has stopped working! So she hands it back, no hard feelings, asks me yet again, only to hear me tell her No again, and the drama continued to unfold. She had tears, slammed the doors and was mad at me again. Yes, I was the big, bad, mean parent…and Dad? Well he fooled her. His response, “I didn’t have to argue with her”. Sometimes those dads have a way don’t they!

  2. wonderlandhwy says:

    Thank God for Juice It Up!!!! All it took was a strawberry wave smoothie and a pretzel to get him back in the mood to rewrite the page and finish the project. Not to mention some sleep.

    Guess you could say I got off easy! Yay! lol

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