The Spring Fever

It’s true, I have come down with it.  I have been having a hard time focusing  on anything other than being outdoors, enjoying some fun in the sun!

My classes have begun to bore me and I am ready for the semester to be over.  I am also looking forward to new and different classes.  Maybe I shouldn’t be in such a hurry considering this semester is one of the easiest I have had in some time.  I guess I just feel like everything is dragging…. I will be regreting this statement very soon won’t I?! 😛 

Hopefully, I will be able to get myself back on track at Cal State too.  Just as soon as I get my balance paid off! 😛 Cross your fingers for me. 

Ohhh… but the weather has been so wonderful lately! Priorities – Fun?! Fun – Priorities?!

Desicions, Decisions!!!

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