The Taco Soldiers

This morning, while on the way to drop the Pep off at school, he told me that he had a very interesting dream.  Of course I asked him what it was about.

Below is a short narrative.  Be sure to read with a squeaky and giggly 7 year old voice!

“It all started in the ‘taco’ jet.  The taco soldiers were getting ready for the battle.  It wasn’t too long before we were closing in on our target, ‘Mc Donalds’.  As soon as we were in range, we unleashed the lettuce and cheese missiles and dropped the meat bombs!  Somehow, we managed to get hit during the battle and the taco shell started to crack.  We had no choice but to jump from the jet and release our tomato parachutes to stay alive!  Thank god we hit our target Mom.  Our mission was accomplished!” 😛

Dad, the Pep and I, all had a good laugh.  The Pep thought it was the funniest story ever!  What a character!  You never know what you are going to hear come from that boy’s mouth! 🙂


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