After I had picked up Cyrus from school the other day and after we had talked about all the typical and normal stuff, how school was, what homework he had, where we were going, he looked over at me and with the sweetest smile on his face said, “So I have a best friend you know!”  “You do! Who is it?”, I asked.  “Well, Riley of course!” was his response.  “Oh awesome!  Are you his best friend too?” I said inquiring.  “Why yes Mom!” he said and looked away with the happiest look on his face.

I smiled! Especially because he has never reffered to anyone as his best friend before.  And more importantly, because he was happier than he has been in a long time and no longer feels alone.

My train of thought quickly sent my mind to my own past.  My mind flashed memories of myself and my best friend at that age!  A BFF that was to last until junior high when she transferred schools.  We were two peas in a pod for the longest.  Cheers! To Cristy G. and all the fond times of our childhood! *sigh*


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