Everyday is a New Challenge and Laugh!

When it comes to eating habits, so far, my two boys are complete opposites.

The Pep: Very picky! Absolutely no sauce. This includes cheese sauce, as in mac and cheese.  Spaghetti, etc.  Rarely eats meat.  No candy… No junk… No peanut butter… Ugh!  But he will eat fish sticks, chicken nuggets, noodles, bread, fruit, vanilla ice cream, waffles, pan cakes, finally scrambled eggs, cookies, cheddar cheese, lettuce, broccoli… go figure, right?

At one point, when he was 4 years old, after trying everything from, “you will eat your dinner for breakfast” to force feeding, I took him to a doctor!  Seriously!  The Doctor told me to feed him what he likes so that he is at least eating something and assured  me that he would cycle something new in every so often.  This has served as truth for us.  Once I stopped being so harsh, we were both able to feel relief.  Another thing I learned to be true.

Today, while in the car, The Pep starts asking about dinner.  He was inquiring about what I was going to make.  As if it was something out of his repeating circle of food.  So I made the comment that it wasn’t like I was going to make him a steak or anything.  And do you know what his response was? That I was responsible for him and the way he eats because after all, “I gave birth to him”!  oh my! 🙂

Buttons: On the other hand, puts everything in his mouth.  His hands, his blanket…. anything and everything his 4 month hands can get ahold of!  I had to finally give in, despite what “they” say and give him some spoon fulls of 1st stage foods!  So far, he loves Sweet potatoes and sweet peas.  He hasn’t tried anything else yet, but I am sure I won’t have any trouble.  I mean he acts crazy unless he has his hand, no fist in his mouth!

In fact, today, while he was asleep (the entire 30 minutes), I met up with Grandma at Ihop today for some coffee.  Right as we were sitting down, this waitress with the loudest voice possible was screaming at the chef for her bacon order!  When this boy heard “BACON”, he awoke in a panic!  I swear that boy understood what she had said! lol 🙂

Now, if there was just a way that I could take a little bit of baby Button’s appetite and give it to the Pep…. I might just be able to balance their eating habits and appetites….. lol


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