Did You know that stained glass doesn’t shatter??!!

Well ’tis true!

How did I stumble upon this realization you wonder?

Let me explain.  A number of years ago, ok almost 4 years ago, I got locked outside my house.  Our front door had a small rectangular stained glass window in the middle of it.  Being locked out wa like torture.  I was tired, angry and really wanted to get inside. 

Of course, naturally, I imagined myself smashing my hand through the stained glass and unlocking the door.  Piece of cake, right?!  

Perhaps I watched too my super hero cartoons as a child.  The ones where super heros or animals could get extremely hurt and just stand back up and brush it off!  Because for some reason, at the time, smashing my fist through the stained glass actually seemed like a brilliant idea!  I don’t know what exactly fueled me to attempt it either, but nonetheless, I did. 

Oh ya, it must have been pure adrenaline!  Because even after I had successfully smashed my had through the stained glass, unlocked the door and had gracefully walked into the kitchen, I never even noticed the pool of blood all over the floor.  Did I mention, all the while with a huge grin on my face?

When I finally came to the realization that someone had bled all over the place, the light turned on! Was the blood coming from me?  I looked at my hand and arm and everything appeared to be intact.  Next when I turned my hand over to inspect the palm of my hand and my wrist, I about fainted!

Towards the outside area of my wrist was a huge gash!  The kind that was so deep it shows veins and muscle!  Immediately I elevated my arm to lessen the blood flow as I looked away to compose myself and attempt to calm myself down.  Yes, this was really happening!  Once, I was able to walk with passing out, I grabbed a paper towel and ice pack to apply pressure and ice the swollen area.  I took some time focusing on breathing.  All the while telling myself to suck it up and look at the wound again to determine if I needed to take myself to the emergency room!

Hello!  look at the wound.  Ok, just DO IT!

The conclusion was that I needed to get the wound stitched up or stapled shut as soon as possible.

By the time I was getting in the car, I cannot fib, I was an absolute mess.  I was crying hysterically.  Especially since I had done what too many of us Americans do and LET MY HEALTH INSURANCE CANCEL!!!!!

What choice did I have?  Could I really trust MYSELF to staple up the wound? And with my subdominant hand?!  I thought Not!  I then decided to go to a local Urgent Care verses a hospital emergency room in hopes to save myself some money.

When I arrived at the Urgent Care, you could imagine all the eyes I had glancing my way!  I mean I looked like a failed suicide attempt!  Luckily, with the amount of blood that I had all over myself, they were prompt in getting me in without a long wait.

WOW, Let Me TELL You!! When they stuck the neddle right inside the wound I wimpered from stinging pain like you could only imagine!  I cursed myself!

 And….. I cried to the doctor too.  I told her about how lame I was and how I was a poor college student. 🙂

8 staples in the main wound and 3 staples in the second wound (which I didn’t even notice) later…….

The doctor explained that she was going to mark as minor or something or another so that I wouldn’t be charged as much.  I thanked her and was on my merry way back home!

When I arrived at home, I inspected the front door and the hole in the stained glass.  Apparently, since stained glass breaks rather than shattering, my wrist was cut as I pulled my hand back out of the window.

Geez…. was I a fool!  I had to end up replacing the entire door on top of the Medical bill.  YIKES!!!!

Note to self: You are not invicible! …………………….Oh ya, and by the way…. Stained glass doesn’t shatter,  it Breaks!


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