Every couple of months, I find myself feeling overwhelmed by stuff.  And when I say stuff… I mean it literally! Too many material possessions tend to cause me stress.  Perhaps, I was traumatized by my parents who never seemed to want to get rid of anything.  My mom is a crazy pack-rat and this could possibly be the reason why Spring Cleaning occurs as often as it does in my house.  I’m a firm believer in the functional and practical way of life.  This leaves me continuously striving to simplify.

On that note, I went on a kick earlier this week and posted around 10 Craigslist Ads.  One Ad in particular, I listed my 1987 Toyota LandCruiser FJ60!  After all the great adventures… it is finally time for the two of us to go our separate ways….

So far, my Ad has received a lot of interest!  One man even offered a trade.  A trade?!

That’s right!!

To trade my FJ60 for a Benelli Shotgun!

As in… Benelli Super Black Eagle II ComforTech Left Hand Semi-Automatic Shotgun 10122, 12 Gauge, 26″, 3.5″ Chmbr, Synthetic Stock, APG HD Finish


Could you imagine?!

Reluctantly, I had to decline the trade.  After all, I was kind of hoping for a fuel injected, automatic, economical Honda Civic!  Anyone else out there looking to Trade?!


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