Childhood Idols…

 When you were a child, did you have an Idol?? 

I did!  When I was in kindergarten, that’s right! Kindergarten! 

A little interesting fact about me is that I am a Catholic school girl.  Ridiculous as it may be, it is true! 

Anyhow, when I was that young, my Idol was the prettiest girl at our school.  Or at least to me anyway.  She was absolutely gorgeous.  She was the standard of beauty in my eyes!  And for the sake of her privacy, I will call her G! 

G was amazing to me.  Not only was she beautiful, she always looked great!  She was popular and her hair was always perfect and in it’s place.  I can recall one day begging her to do my hair! lol She brought her curling iron to school and dolled me up!  I remember how cool I felt… all in Kindergarten!  The teacher even asked me where I got my hair done.  I was like.. in the girls bathroom! 🙂 

As life had it though, she was 7 or 8 years older than me.  So by the time I was officially out of kindergarten, G was long gone and in high school. 

Years went by, and from time to time, I ran into her around our small town.  She grew up and became a hair-stylist at a local salon.  For any typical person, years would do them no justice when it came to looks.  For G… the years only added to her beauty…. I do not know if I ever told her how much I admired her.  In fact, I’m almost positive that I was too shy.  Perhaps, if I had told her… maybe she would have been a little friendlier. 

As the years went by, she never took the time to be polite to me.  It was one of those situations where you put a person on a pedestal… and then realize that they are only human! 

It had turned out that she was gorgeous but had a really terrible personality.  Of course, since I had this idealistic image in my brain of her since kindergarten… I never was able to accept it. 

Then of course, life brought things full circle…. 

On a side note, Mr Amazing is a musician.  A very good one if I may say so.  

Well, last summer, he had a show at a local bar.  Tons of people had showed up that night, and wouldn’t you know it… so did good ol’ G!  She recognized me and the person I was with and we made small talk.  At the time, I was pregnant with Lucas and of course she tried her best to humor me.  

Then the unexpected happened!  She walked right up to the stage and proceeded to hit on Mr Amazing!  Of all the….. 

I couldn’t believe my eyes!  In fact, I tried to ignore it!  Eventually Mr Amazing picked up his stuff and came over to see how I was and if I liked the show.  Can you believe that G followed him not even realizing that he was my husband, my Mr Amazing.  When I introduced her to him, I could see the shock on her face! 

It was like being stabbed with a knife! 

I don’t know what was worse… the woman who I thought was one of the most beautiful in the world hitting on Mr Amazing or the fact that he might think that she was too! 😦 

At first I told myself to relax and not to exaggerate.  Until the friend I was with asked me wtf was her problem and why was she trying to pick up on Mr Amazing??!!

Without a huge surprise, Mr Amazing didn’t even acknowledge her and was more interested in getting a beer!  It left me confirming what most of us have to learn the hard way!   

 Childhood Idols…. What a Bust!

What A Bust!


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