Fate By Numbers

My sister had a little mishap with her phone and had no choice but to get a new number.  This meant that all of us had to memorize a new phone number.  But my sis was the one who was stressing the most over this new phone number thing.  She loves odd numbers and her new number began to bug her….

She began to study it… and early this morning at approximately 1:30 am she discovered the significance behind the new number and I received the following message….

“I am very fond of odd numbers.  Something about my new number bugs me.  725 7982 but look at it closely.  The first 3 are 7 for the day you were born and 25 for the day i was born.  Then the last are 79 for the year i was born and 82 for the year you were born.  I know i am strange but that is creepy crazy.  COOL but strange. Anyway i thought i would share that with you.  And i have no idea why this is on my mind at 130 am love ya!”

The number was finally decoded!  And it turned out to be a very significant number indeed!

Our Fate By numbers was the confirmation that we make a Great Pair!

We will NEVER forget that number!  This is a FACT! 🙂

Another True Story Here @ WonderlandHwy…..


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