Just When You Think You Are Cool….

Your kid shows you up…..

Seriously.  Finally found the motivation to get back into my Wii Fit Plus that the hubby bought for me after we had our 2nd child.  After my 2nd and repeat cesarean and of course now that I am a lot older, losing weight this time around has been extremely harder.

So anyways, there I was breaking old scores and ranking #1 when the Pep rolls up and beats my score on his first try….

And steals my crown!

Geez… these kids now-a-days!

Of course, I think I’m going to show up the Pep next…. and I did!  But wouldn’t you know it, at the cost of a side crap.  Yikes!  It took me 10 minutes to walk it off.  LOL

In the meantime, the Pep unlocks the “Advanced mode”. 

And here I was thinking I was a Cool Cat.  Think again, right?!



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