After a few early morning errands today, the boys and I headed home.  When we exited our normal exit off the freeway, we saw a girl holding a bucket out for money.  I typically never just give anyone money unless it is for some type of cause.  I typically give bottled water and usually always have an extra in my truck.  But I am still reluctant.

However, I am very sympathetic to women and especially children!  So when I pulled up and stopped at the intersection, I could not help but notice what the paper on the bucket read…

Donations For Funeral

And a picture of a baby!

Immediately, I pulled out $5 dollars, which was all the cash I had on me, without even thinking twice.  When I rolled down the window and her eyes met mine, I saw the look in her eyes.  She began to weep…. as I am now.

I saw deep within this poor girl’s soul and realized she was for real.  I mean, how much courage does it take to ask for money to bury your child?!  And in 100 degree heat?!  The kind of poor mother who needs to know that her child is put into the ground in the most decent way that she knows how.  The entire experience nearly crushed me.

Being lucky enough to have a second healthy child 6 months ago, is a gift that I can only be Thankful for.  Having the opportunity to enjoy two healthy children is a blessing that I hope and pray will last a lifetime.


Sure, I thought that perhaps it could all be an act that this girl was putting on.  But who really does that?  Who really stands out in the heat of this desert we live in to make what some of us might consider pocket change? 

I must confess too, that on the way home I was mentally stressing over finances.  But would $5 dollars really make me or break me?!  I didn’t even think twice about giving her the money.  It only made me wish that I had more money to help as many as I could.

For all and any of you out there who reads this.  Please take a moment and offer a prayer for all the mothers out there who have lost and will lose a child.  Thank you! 


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