The Other Day….

“The other day”, is an expression that is used to describe a recent day that an event took place.  Such as yesterday or the day before yesterday, etc.

However, for my brother Chris and I, we have always used this expression explaining a day that has already occurred.  Whether it be yesterday or a day that happened 10 years ago.

My sister-in-law Emily (Chris’ wife), picks fun at us for using this expression as often as she can. 🙂  But the truth of it, is the fact that these occurrences or memories that we continue to share are so vivid in our minds, that it seems as if just yesterday it happened.

One of my favorite enjoyments in life is reliving a good old funny story.  Especially the ones that make you laugh so hard… everything else in the world seems so insignificant!

Do YOU have a classic old story that remains vivid in your mind?  If so, please feel free to share it here by submitting a comment.  

Looking forward to hearing some good stories…

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