Have you ever poured your heart and soul into something only to find at some point later, that it is completed destroyed or gone?!  Something completely priceless to only you?!

That’s me right now… coming to terms with that in which I have lost.

Which in this moment, reminds me of ALL the priceless things that I have lost over the years.

The ones I have searched high and low for that remain lost.

The ones that have been taken from me.

The ones that are GONE and are to NEVER return.

I pause now…. as I take a deep breath….

and prep myself as I intend to leave all my questions, my whys, my what ifs, my could of, should of, would ofs…. HERE.  With high hopes of acceptance, I move on.




2 thoughts on “COSH

  1. A folder full of writings.

    And then it turned into family members, good friends, pictures, our house in the fire, two receipts…… Boo!

    Next it will be my mind! (perhaps if I am lucky enough, right?!) 🙂

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