Bah Humbug Tuition Sweepstakes!

The MasterCard 2009 Tuition Sweepstakes with Bed Bath & Beyond

Even though people thought I was crazy,

I entered every day online for months…

I sent at least 1000 entires by mail (yes I bought postage!)…

Followed all of the CraZy instructions…

Even sent an envelop with a self-addressed one so I could get a copy of the winners.

And not only did I NOT win…

But I NEVER received any notification of ANY kind regarding the sweepstakes.  Not even who the LUCKY winners were.

I really had my fingers crossed… I envisioned myself being able to go to prestigious Engineering University, despite it all.

Bah Humbug MasterCard 2009 Tuition Sweepstakes!

Bah Humbug Bed Bath & Beyond!

Bah Humbug Tuition money!

Bah Humbug!



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