My Appliances Hate Me!

I have NEVER been one to neglect things, or at least not for a long period of time.  So my appliances really cannot blame me for not taking care of them because I TOTALLY DO!

Ok, so maybe they don’t ALL hate me.  My toaster and microwave are the best.  I have never had any trouble with them.  In fact, the only peep I hear out of them is when they are working.. and working correctly I might add.  My dishwasher, well I can’t complain or else she might stop working.  But she does get the job done.  Is it her fault she was not created top of the line?

My washer and dryer are another story.  If it’s not one, it’s the other.  They are the Whirlpool Duet Front Loaders!  You know the real fancy smacy that you see all over the TV!  Well, for starters, we have had problems on and off with the washer.  In fact, it had to get it’s mother board replaced! In other words, it had it’s ENTIRE computer component replaced!  Thank God though, that we had purchased the extended 5 year warranty.  Or else, we made have been better off just replacing it.  But I don’t want to even think about how much the set cost. YIKES!  Were we crazy?  My dryer however, never had any issues. Until we moved.  

Recently, it has decided that it does not want to spin.  Of course, I called the service repair company and wouldn’t you know it, our extended 5 year warranty just recently EXPIRED!  Murphy’s Law or what?!  So after I cooled down, I decided to call a local appliance service and repair company.  I have always tried my best to support small business.  The company was able to come out pretty quickly and once the repair man removed the front panel, he had the thing running in less than two minutes.  WOW, I thought.  But then when I had asked him what the problem was he never gave me a straight answer.  He showed me some part and said that it was all that was needed.  Hmmm… I remembered thinking.  This little small part, it kind of resembled a fuse and VIOLA!!!! It was fixed and was spinning again.  Was it all too good to be true?! 

Well of course it was.  Why should anything in life go smooth right?! 

Two days ago it stopped spinning again.  Now I’m no dummy, I somehow managed to convince the Hubby to remove the front panel so I could peak my head around and see if I could find that part that the service repair guy supposedly replaced.  Jiggle my hand around like he did and get it going again.  Can you believe that I wasn’t able to find that part inside my dryer?!  Ugh!  What irritates me is that something seemed fishy to me when he came and fixed it.  I mean something felt weird to me.  When I mentioned this to the Hubby, he kept asking me what I meant.  The bottom line is that I felt as if the part he showed me wasn’t really the problem, but was a way to charge me an addition $32 for the part.

Yesterday, I called the Repair shop back up and ended up getting their answering machine, so I had no choice but to leave a message.  When I didn’t hear from them today, I began to get upset and frustrated, so I called them again.  Luckily they answered and knew who I was and said they could come by Saturday morning.  Even better, the receptionist explained that they offer a 3 month warranty on their work, as long it is the same problem and that I needed to present my previous service receipt.  I agreed that Saturday would be fine.  Now, I only have ONE more day to find the darn receipt!  It was just here…. oh Blast!  But that is OK.  I figure I will deal with that after the service repair man fixes it again.  If he asks for it, I will just have to dig around for awhile until he gives in since he is extremely busy right?!  This time though, I am going to watch him like a hawk.  Seriously!  I’m not going to get ripped off, perhaps again!!  And that means I am going to have to put the front panel back on and act like I don’t know what’s going on.  Oh, but I just want it to start spinning again.  Hauling around baskets of wet clothes to grandma’s house is crazy with two boys and only one car.  I really hope it stays fixed this time.  Just have to wait and see.

I guess, this is where I begin to explain and describe how much my refrigerator hates me.  Because to be honest it hates me the MOST.  And if you thought my situation with my dryer was bad…. well, my refrigerator story is far worse.  After a period of time, the freezer stops freezing and the backside of it starts freezing up and creates ice, which then blocks the vents…. ugh!  The only way to fix it is to shut it off so it can reset itself, while all the ice defrosts.  Or at least that is what the service repair man, contracted by Sears, said to do.  What I forgot to ask was how many times do I have to do this before he will admit something is truly wrong with it?!  In the meantime, the extended warranty that I purchased, just last year EXPIRED!  Oh, my luck keeps getting better!  Doesn’t it?!

When the A1 service repair guy came and fixed my dryer, he looked at the frig quickly and said it needed a new computer unit.  He couldn’t give me a price, because he needed to look up the cost of the part.  At the time, I thought that was fine.  Especially since I was so overjoyed just to have my dryer working again.  But now I am thinking I may just need to call Sears back and make a HUGE fuss and see if there isn’t anything that can be done!  Wish me luck with that call.

On to the next angry appliance, did I mention that our garbage disposal died?!  I might have had a little hand in that death.  But it is the least of my worries anyhow.  In our old house we didn’t even have a garbage disposal and we had no problems for over 5 years.  So, it will just have to stay dead for now. 

Oh ya, did I happen to mention that last week, right after we left the doctor’s office where Lucas received his shots/immunizations, I ended up coming down with 2 flat tires!  Not 1 but 2, the front and rear on the passenger’s side!  And with the kids in the car with me.  Luckily, I could tell the front was flat and there was a tire shop off the next exit off the freeway.  So I was able to make it there.  I mean, I told our truck it was getting there no matter what!  When I think about it now, I mut have been a real sight.  Rolling up into the parking lot with 2 flat tires and 2 kids.  What a mess.  When I called the Hubby at work and asked what I should do… I think I heard a cricket!  The line went silent and then He couldn’t understand my frustration.  I guess I just needed some guidance.  Luckily, the tires were put on in a reasonable amount of time.  Although, it cost a pretty shiny dime!

ooohh… and I still have to deal with an angry frig.  On top of everything else I need to accomplish.  Friends, please please keep me in your prayers. 

P.S. I DO NOT recommend the Whirlpool Duet washer and dryer set and I DO NOT recommend Kenmore refrigerators!!!!!


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