Is Your Whirlpool Duet Dryer NOT Spinning??!!

UPDATE: The part that I replaced that fixed the “Not Spinning” Problem is called a thermal fuse.

On page 39 of the manual, it shows you how to remove the front panel, how to remove the lint duct cover, and how to find the thermal fuse.  Both the thermal fuse (left side) and the thermistor right side) are located on top of the lint duct/motor area.  They are both have electrical wires attached to them that can be easily removed by pulling the wires off.

Here is the Link to the manual for those of you who need it!  Good Luck!


I recently posted a rant about how my appliances hate me, rather my Whirlpool Duet Dryer.  Well, by the looks of my stats, it seems there are a number of us having the very same problem with our expensive dryer.  When I had tried to get the manual on Whirlpool’s website to try and fix it myself, I was outraged to learn the manual cost money.  So for any and all of you out there, below is the problem I was having and what the fix was.

Here is the issue my dryer keeps having:

It produces heat but will not spin.  When you push the start button it makes this sort of click sound.  It was not obstructed by anything either and would spin just fine manually.

The fix for the problem with mine ending up being this fuse like part that has to do with the power of the motor.

I have had to have this part replaced twice now.  The service repair man said that it is a common to replace this part with any of the following:

1) You open the door during the cycle to throw an extra item in. (I thought everyone does this from time to time.  Has never been a problem for me with past dryers.)

2) You are overloading the dryer.  Or in other words, your load is too much for the dryer. (This is ridiculous.  The advertisement on this washer/dryer set was that it could wash and dry 20 pairs of jeans in one load.  This has proven to be FALSE ADVERTISEMENT.  Mine has NEVER been able to handle a load like that!)

3) Power outages can cause this. (This seems the most reasonable cause for mine.  I have noticed that we have already had 6 power outages in the past couple months.  Although, this was never a problem in my previous house, it may just be the problem here.  And mind you we have NEVER had this issue/problem with out dryer until we moved to our new house.)

4) There could be an electrical short. (If this problem keeps happening, this could be the issue.  I highly doubt it’s our electrical.)

Now I have to go easy on my dryer.  But luckily the part isn’t too expensive and it is really easy to switch out. Even my cat can do it! (:

Here are a couple pictures of the part for any of you who NEED to see it:


PS. The part is located in a weird spot, you could overlook it easily.  Send me a message if you would like for me to show/explain where it is located if you are having trouble.

Hope this helps at least one of you out there.


2 thoughts on “Is Your Whirlpool Duet Dryer NOT Spinning??!!

  1. jenny osterholt says:

    i think this may be the problem with our dryer, my husband is going to try to fix it himself. can you tell me what this part is called or maybe even a part number? Where is this part located? close to the motor in the middle of the dryer?

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