Kinda Broke Out of my Germophobicness…

Perhaps just for moment.  I’m obsessive compulsive when it comes to germs.  I just am.

I wash my hands too many times a day.  I’m germophobic… it’s ridiculous!

Tonight, was breaking edge for me.  After standing for over 2 hours in high heels at a concert, my feet hurt! (I forgot to bring sandals, boo!)  Lucky for me I went with the hubby and 2 other guys.  Yay! SIKE!  They made me walk over 2 miles to get some drinks and food.  I didn’t really mind.

I broke out of my shell a quarter of the way into our walk…. I took off my shoes and walked BAREFOOT in down town San Diego!  For any and all of you who know me, this is WAY out of character for me.  But it felt good.  I walked through gravel, dirt, even a Seven Eleven and an AMPM.  WOW.  I will admit I kept one eye on the ground… to avoid walking through spit or funk.  I probably did though… and guess what??!!  Go on guess?  Come on… OK.. you give??!! 

I SURVIVED!!  Seriously!

Ok so when I got home, I cleaned my feet like a germophobic maniac… but tonight I broke free of my crazy self.  To be honest my feet itch really bad right now.  But the point being,  I did something I never thought I would do (to avoid blisters), I walked Barefoot through city streets.  Yay for me.

Hopefully one day…. I will ALLOW myself to be completely FRee!

PS.  It felt great to walk through grass when it was available.  Thank god for grass… my feet LOVED it.


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