The iCarly Lovers!

The Pep absolutely loves the iCarly show.  And I mean LOVES.

Not only has he seen EVERY episode, be he insists on Tivoing them all too!

One of the things we have noticed though, is that all of the merchadise out on the markets is designed for girls.  This is true.  I have looked for boy stuff and have been unsuccessful.  In fact, a couple of months ago, I took the Pep to Mc Donald’s for a happy meal.  Low and behold, they had iCarly toys there.  The Pep begged me to give him the iCarly toy.  I warned him it may be for a girl and prepared him not to be upset if it was.  After we purchased his food, he was excited to open his meal and see what kind of iCarly toy he had gotten….

It was an iCarly purse!  You should have seen the look on his face. (poor little guy)

 He didn’t cry but did say he couldn’t understand why all the stuff was for girls when there were boys on the show too.  Like Freddy, and Spencer and Gibby, and Chuck……

He was right too.  The show is not just aimed at a female audience.  Not to mention it is on the Nickelodeon network.

Besides, being a huge iCarly fan, The Pep is a Miranda Cosgrove fan in general.  He loves to sing… especially her music. 

The funny part though, was the other night, I was rocking baby Lucas to sleep while Pep was watching iCarly.  So of course I was singing him the theme song!  When I decided to sing something else…. Lucas got extremely upset and started crying?!  I wonder what’s wrong I thought…. But when I stopped and continued sing the iCarly song again, he completely stopped crying. Lol

I guess, we have a second iCarly fan in the house! 🙂

Oh ya, and The Pep just reminded me to make sure we don’t miss the new episode airing on July 30th, iGot A Hot Room!  Happy, Happy!  Joy, Joy!


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