RollingStone Interview With Leonardo DiCaprio

The recent interview Leo had with RollingStone revealed that he had dating troubles….

What I gathered from reading the article was that he was more successful at dating before he became a star actor.  

A little advice Leo… Perhaps you should stop dating superficial models and choose a down to earth type of women!!!

Oh ya, did I mention I was down to earth and AWESOME?! LOL 🙂

And apparently tons of others think they are down to earth and awesome as well, considering the kind of hits I have been receiving on this post.  But no one seems to enjoy my humor… If you’re so Awesome, why don’t you leave a comment and tell the world how awesome you are?!  Or better yet, leave a comment here telling Leo what you would say to him if you had the wonderful opportunity?!

Perhaps, we can cause some hype and get him to stubble upon this post.  What ya say lovey??!! 🙂


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