The World Is A Sick Place!

Perhaps, I should consider rephrasing that to the Earth is a Sick place, but what’s the use?! The earth is our world and the one that we are familiar with anyhow.

Tonight I thought about all the terrible experiences that I have had to endure and be subjected to, thanks to all the sick people in this world. Not to mention all the other precious souls out there with their own horrific experiences. It’s to wonder how we even find it within ourselves to carry on?!

I mean every which way I turn, I either see or hear of another disgusting situation that occurred!  It just makes me want to vomit.

No one’s tragedy is any better than anyone else’s.  I can’t stand when people turn their tragedy into a pity party!  Hello?!  A tragedy is a tragedy is a tragedy.  We all experience them and they ALL SUCK!

Striving to overcome the pain of the experience(s) and to become a better person can take a lifetime.  It’s difficult and challenging…. but finding that spot within yourself that tells you and pushes you to strive is half the battle.  Don’t get me wrong, there are memories that I recall and thoughts I think that make me *CRINGE* every single time they come to mind.  Some however, don’t make my teeth chatter anymore.

My point here Friends, is that it is so easy to be disheartened by the sick world we live in.  It is difficult to see past the ugly and recognize the beauty.  But striving to become that better person is our reward, because on the journey we find ourselves.  We find our spirituality.  We find moments of peace.

Strive to see past the sick places of the world.  Strive to see life’s greatness!  Strive to find those refreshing moments of peace!

Strive my friends… Strive!

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