I am one of those unfortunate people who have a list of allergies to memorize or else be regretting it.

As many of you may or may not know, there are some allergies you are born with and then there are those that you develop over time.  Considering I have had a number of years to have allergic reactions and learn quickly what not to eat, touch or come into contact with, I have managed to have a good handle on my allergies.

But recently, I have developed a new allergy… to deodorants and antiperspirants.  I mean I have always been allergic to certain deodorant brands and have done a good job avoiding them.  But this is different, no matter what I use, I break out in hives under my arms.  At first I was able to deal with it, I decided to try powder instead.. but it just doesn’t do the trick.  My arm pits would clear up and I would give in and use deodorant again. Ugh!

I have tried deodorant sticks as well, which do not contain antiperspirant due to the aluminum compounds and ingredients.  I have tried men’s deodorant (women brands/kinds do not offer deodorant sticks) and am still unsuccessful.  For some reason, I am now allergic to EVERY kind that I have tried.  I am hesitant to order any online because I just cannot keep dealing with reactions.  I have even tried some of the natural alternatives and remedies that I found online.  You don’t even want to know some of the concoctions I have whipped up….

But I’m allergic to some of the alternative ingredients. I can’t smell like BO.   I don’t want to smell like a garden full of herbs.  And I do not want to have crusty pits. 

TheAmazingLuka says to not satisfy the itch and to ignore it and maybe it will go away on its own… I even listened to him (of course don’t tell him I did). 🙂

I think I am finally at my wits end. 

Someone… Anyone… if you are out there and have the perfect formula, please help!  *puppy dog eyes*


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