When Did the Funny Bone Become A Comedian?

I don’t know about you, but when I smack my funny bone… it’s not so funny! Well, at least not instantaneously.  At first I am stunned, but once my brain receives the message of pain from my nerves… well I tend to start laughing.  Not because it’s funny, because it hurts!!!

And as if smacking it once isn’t enough, I tend to smack my funny a second time in the exact same spot, that very same day!  And of course that just makes me laugh again, only harder this time.  Which means that laughing harder = hurting more… ok, ok, it upsets me a little too… But who has time to be upset when they are too busy laughing??!!

And I’ll confess, it wasn’t my funny bone today.  Nor was it my poor mangled baby toe!  It was my knee smacking itself on the glass top corner of our coffee table, reopening the previous cut/wound from yesterday!

Now why is that so funny?  And why are you laughing?


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