Triple Consecutive Green Signal Lights!!!

Is this my LUCKY DAY or what?! First I win a caption contest (more on that later), and TCGSL… oh goody, what’s Next?!

(It’s a good thing that I rarely majority of the time listen to Mr A or I would have caught a train.)

And to think that for a moment there this morning, I was in a panic with the thought of being late to class!  Considering I am only running on 3 hours of sleep!  I’m sure you’re  wondering what grand event made that possible.  Mr Amazing had me out late last night and when we finally managed to get back home, it dawned on me that I had entirely forgotten to complete a HW assignment that was to be turned in today! *Yikes!*

But thanks to those Triple Consecutive Green Lights I was able to arrive on time and with a chance to brush run my fingers through my hair.

On another note, my evening with Mr A wasn’t half bad.  The music (a cover band) was good and although I was of course over-dressed the best dressed, it was a good opportunity and excuse for Mr A to rip take me out of our nest.  Thanks to my wonderful smart phone, I was able to do a few things that I would have done at home anyway.  Which was a good thing because the bar (Firehouse Grill) we ended up going to was strictly beer and wine only.  Being that I’m allergic to beer (as genetics would have it) and not up for cheaply and stagnant wine, the night continued regardless that I was sipping on a glass of coke with a lot of ice! (Yes, I forgot the flask at home. blast!)

The night ticked on and this sober judge still managed to find herself standing in the wrong restroom line.  Oh well, should have managed to remember to bring those glasses sitting next to the flask. (Noted for future outings.)

Mr A taking me out is just another one of his many Amazing attributes… Oh hey babe… I was just expressing how *Amazing* you are! (*Mr A entering the room*)

P.S. Us over achieving students were informed that the HW assignment was not going to be collected. what? WHAT? *puzzled and tired face*


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