Tooth – Teeth – And Good Grief

Wisdom Teeth

Image by tarale via Flickr

What’s worse than a teething 8 month old you ask??

A teething 8 month old and a teething 8 year old!! 


It seems too that both of their whining is being caused by their upper teeth cutting through.  Sheesh….

And to tell you the truth, the Pep (the 8 year old) is the bigger whiner of the two.  Poor thing!  Every 4 to 6 hours without fail, he is clenching his jaw in excruciating pain!  You know a kid is in pain when he volunteers to get the bottle of Adult Tylenol.. the kind of pill that is meant to be swallowed, but somehow only manages to get chewed!  Ugh!  What a trooper.  Going on day number 8 of this….  

I cannot remember my adult molars hurting that bad when they came in, but I sure do remember the pain caused by my impacted wisdom teeth.  *cringe*  Wait… I have been trying to forget that experience now for years!!!  Mr Amazing on the other hand, said that he remembers his adult molars causing him a lot of pain when he was young.  So it sounds like the Pep must have inherited his father’s amazing genes. (Good grief, God Help Me Him!!)

List of Teething Essentials

Adult Tylenol (the Jr stuff just does not cut it. No pun intended 🙂

Oral Gel

Oral Paste

Ice Packs

Ice Chips

Teether (for the little one, can’t forget his teething bit)

And a lot of TLC


Now to the present, 2 out of the 3 boys are fed and heavily medicated…

Will I manage to get a wink tonight?! Good Grief!


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