The Little House of Prayer

Did you see the one on the far left licking his fingers?? LOL

All of these little wonderful creatures were found in our yard (during the struggle between Mr Amazing and I vs the Weed Squatters).

Their colors are blue, green and beige.  Surprising enough, despite the cannibalistic tendencies the Praying Mantis are said to have, not a single one was eaten by another.  Although, they did all appear irritated by each others presence… sounds like a true family, doesn’t it??

It is said, and believed by some, that sighting a Praying Mantis is not only a good omen but a sign of good fortune.  I wonder if this means that my good fortune is going to be ten fold due to the number of sightings today?!  Then again, it is also said, and believed by some, never disturb one, or it will change any good luck to bad luck.  So there you have it!  The question is though…. just when am I going to run into this good fortune??!! 🙂

I bet you can’t guess how many there are!!!!!

Well, I better get to the kitchen and get Mr Amazing’s dinner going…. I just decided on the green ones what to make him. hee hee hee

P.S. No creatures were harmed during this video and everything you see here was done for fun and for your enjoyment!  The colony of Praying Mantis have already been relocated to an insect preserve (under a palm tree in our yard).


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