TMI – “And That’s How my Bum Got Featured On YouTube!”

Well not exactly….

Those were actually the words of mine that won me a Comic Caption Contest over at Daddy PaperSurfer’s Blog !  I was extremely excited!  Especially since I never seem to win any contests or sweepstakes, as some of you avid readers of Wonderlandhwy might already know.

And since Daddy P lives on the other side of the planet …. receiving The prize via Royal Air Mail, made it Extra Special…

Royal Mail

Comic Caption Prize

And the Comic Caption Prize was the ORIGINAL Comic! 🙂  Which I hung on the back of the lavatory door, as recommended!  Thanks Daddy P for your entertainment and going through the little trouble to send it to this poor old soul!

Don’t forget to check out the Contest post  TMI ! In addition, take a look around over there @ Daddy P’s Place ! He has some witty humor and his
Matches of the Day aren’t half bad either!

And Much Thanks to the Comic Caption Judge, Lo, the Terrible Goddess. *Basket of offerings*

Stayed Tuned for ….
A few good stories next week.


3 thoughts on “TMI – “And That’s How my Bum Got Featured On YouTube!”

  1. Oh good, it arrived safe and sound …… and very pleased to hear that it’s in it’s proper place hanging on the back of the loo door. It’s always nice to have something to look at when sitting down …… tee hee ……….

  2. That’s right GitWiz, perhaps once DP publishes that book of his he will hit the “Big Time”. Then I can just sit back and give guest tours to the out house off Wonderlandhwy and watch the dough roll in! 🙂

    On second thought, with all the attention and traffic that WonderlandHwy might see, I better get one of my physics texts finished. Hey, free advertisement right?!

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