Character Culture Shock

Japanese Character Pronunciation

Recently, I read a post called Culture Shock by my buddy, GitWizard .  This post was in reference to Cultures that use Characters in their writing, such as the Japanese Kanji.  Well, it reminded me of a few years back when a friend of mine was here from Japan and wrote me out this chart that explained how certain characters were pronounced.  To be honest, I am not sure which Japanese character group it relates to, but I believe that it is relative to all Japanese characters and their groups.  So I thought it would do more good posted here @ WonderlandHwy then sitting in some notebook on my shelf collecting dust.  I hope it helps and brings clarification to all who stubble upon it.

You can click on the photo to magnify it.



5 thoughts on “Character Culture Shock

  1. Thank you for that, I have copied and filed it and will send it on to my friend, although i’m sure that by now he is picking up some of the language.
    Thanks also for the link, most appreciated.

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