There I was last Friday morning…

Waiting in our parked car as Mr Amazing ran into the store real quick.  A local radio station talk show was on and a song began to play very loudly (probably didn’t help that Mr Amazing is half deaf and always has the volume up)….

Yippie-yi-yo .. Yippie-yi-yay .. VAGINA!!

Just as a man is getting into the car next to me… I fumble to turn down the radio and/or change the station!

Again the station Broadcasts.. It’s a VAGINA!!! VAGINA!!! Yippie-yi-yo …  Yippie-yi-yay … Yippie-yi-yo-ki-Yay!!!

The man looks over at me and gives me the most bewildered and confused look I have ever been given in my life.  By that time, I’m sure my cheeks were bright red and I couldn’t help but utter my nervous laughter!

The man finally manages to get into his vehicle just as “VAGINA” is sung loudly for the last time and as Mr Amazing comes into view.

Apparently, the talk show known as “Kevin and Bean” plays many songs of this nature.

*Note to Self* Adjust volume of radio while listening to Kevin & Bean songs to AVOID broadcasting to entire parking lots!

Here is a link to their website for all of you who have already began Googling!

Kevin & Bean Enjoy!


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