Classic Mario Cart Scene

Yesterday, while I was picking up the Pep from school and as we were walking down the sidewalk to leave, the Pep slipped on a banana!  It was a CLASSIC Mario Cart video game scene.  As he slipped and uttered “Whooaaaa!” I couldn’t help laughing.  Although, I saw the banana on the ground, there was not enough time for me to warn him… he was already in the act of slipping!

The Pep’s response to the entire situation and while looking around for the antagonist, “HEY! Who put this banana here?”

(Yes! This is a TRUE STORY!)

**What’s even funnier, is that a friend of Mr Amazing and I, Tony, is always telling us a story about him witnessing a truck literally sliding on a banana peel!  Remembering this story only made me laugh harder.**

Lucky for me, the Pep was a GOOD Sport about the experience! LOL 🙂


2 thoughts on “Classic Mario Cart Scene

  1. I never win at Mario Cart. 😦

    Now the Pep wants to make banana slipping videos and upload them to YouTube! Great! Before I know it, I will *really* be featured on YouTube DP!

    *Note to Self: Keep an eye out for bananas on ground!*

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