Parent – Teacher Conference

It’s a good thing for all of you avid WonderlandHwy readers that:

1) Your child/children are grown (and you don’t have to deal with teacher/school issues anymore)

2) Your child/children don’t go to the Pep’s school (then again, I feel sorry for you too.)

3) You don’t have any children (which in this case, you just have a little less to worry about)

Or lastly,

4) Your child/children actually go to the Pep’s school (in that case, just know what I’m about to do is for US!)

To make a loooong story short,

I have found inconsistencies in the grading percentages on the Pep’s homework.  This was of course, after the fact that the Pep received a ZERO on a homework assignment that was “missing”.  It turned out that it was in his book the entire time.  However, his teacher has a “No Late Homework Accepted” Policy.  So the ZERO remained.  “Oh, but don’t worry, I always drop the lowest grade at the end” was the response from his teacher when I inquired.  Apparently, this is stated on the Syllabus and is also stated in the school Handbook.  Just to be sure everything jived with what was said, you better believe I read the entire Syllabus and the entire school Handbook.  And it was not crystal clear on Late homework.  I mean, perhaps the average parent wouldn’t even bother investigating and would take the teacher’s word for it, right?  I think that’s why the teacher responded in such a way.  She expected me just to accept what she said and move on.

Well, too bad for her!  At first, I was going to just leave well enough alone, even after reading all the “technical documents”.  But then, I realized that I had to review and double check every grade he received on ALL the work that was returned home each week.  i.e. I found errors.  How can a teacher not understand percentages?!  (This is a great way to irritate a student’s mom who just happens to be a Physics major.)

Did I mention that I wrote her two notes, in the notebook that I have to sign every night and received No response.  This notebook signing crap is HER requirement.  Apparently, she has an older student help her check the notebooks.

What the Hell is going on?  Her strict class policies are similar to a few of my college professors and yet she grades as well as her students could.  All of this is so unacceptable.

The Pep’s previous teacher was so efficient, A+ status, that she makes the new teacher look like an F!

Did I mention this is the THIRD GRADE we are talking about here?!

So tomorrow, I have plans to have a talk with the Pep’s teacher to straighten things out (I actually feel a little sorry for her that she is going to have to deal with me and doesn’t quite know it yet).  All on my so-called Day Off!


4 thoughts on “Parent – Teacher Conference

  1. I’m going to be as level-headed as I possibly can … don’t want her taking it out on the Pep. He is such a good kid! I just can’t believe it had to go this far. I think it is a bigger problem considering the fact that we pay big bucks to send him to a private school.

  2. For all of you dying for the conclusion to this story…..

    the Pep’s teacher has agreed to correct all of his grades… so far their are 4. But I have a stack to look through.

    All in all, I was glad she was polite about it. (turns out she has “so much” hw to grade that it wasn’t hard to make mistakes. *no comment*)

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