Language – Capitalization Lesson

Tonight, the Pep’s homework consisted of him figuring out what words need to be capitalized.  There was a section regarding books, stories, poems and songs.  One of the books in the list was Charlotte’s Web.  Here was the comment the Pep made while capitalizing Charlotte’s and Web.

“Oh yes, this is the one about ‘that’ pig, isn’t it?!  I just don’t quite understand what is so special and great about ‘that’ pig!”

And now that I think about it, I wonder if his opinion would change if Charlotte was a ninja pig?  Or better yet, what if there was a Charlotte’s Web video game?

Then, she would surely be the coolest pig of all time to an eight year old, wouldn’t she?!


2 thoughts on “Language – Capitalization Lesson

  1. Mr. Amazing says:

    Charlotte is actually the spider in the story, hence the title “Charlotte’s Web”. Cyrus would like this book regardless of the pig’s lack of ninja skills. 🙂

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