Friday I’m In Love – Payback


One of His Finest Moments



Recently, my younger brother decided to upload photos of his wife, closest friends, and favorite sister to Facebook.  Not just any photos, the worst ones that he could find of all of us.  He was indulged by the exploitation and by the satisfaction he received.

Yesterday, I stumbled upon the above….. *sits back with amusement*



…going to send him a link on Facebook…be sure to tell him how wonderful he looks.  He hasn’t changed a bit…. *hee hee hee*




4 thoughts on “Friday I’m In Love – Payback

  1. sweetnsexy in the shower says:

    hmmm seems to me that someone is jealous that she could possibly not look so sexy in the shower and if you remember correctly that was a fake surprise when you had the camera. if you remember correctly you did not actually catch me in the shower….remember that was my pose?

  2. I remember perfectly! You should see how many views I received on this post…. i think every one is just scared of that look on your face and that leg peaking out that they avoid commenting! 🙂

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