Friday I’m In Love – A Pair

Getting these two boys to BOTH smile at the same time was hilarious.

B.bro: "ugh." L.bro: "Let's hurry up and get this over with!"

Take #1 - B.bro: "Ugh, C'mon." L.bro: "Cheese!"

L.bro: "Brother! How come you didn't smile?"

Take #2 - ok, ok Let's try this again. - B.bro: "Cheese!"

L.bro: "Wait! I wasn't ready!!!"

Take #3 - L.bro: "Wa! Now I'm just pissed!"

B.bro: "Quit leaning on me!" - L.bro: "Then quit pulling on me!" - (getting closer... at least their expressions are the same.)

B.bro: "Ok! Shh, shh.. don't get upset, don't cry." - (calming each other down as only brothers know how to do.)

Take #21 - As good as it gets! What a Pair!


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