Friday I’m In Love – Sissy

I *Love* my sissy.  She is my favorite.  Ironically, during our childhood we were not as close as we are now.  Then again, we did BOTH have broken collar bones at the same time. 🙂

She is the most kind hearted person I know.  She is lucky to have me! LOL (ok, I’m lucky too!)

I Love my big sissy.

*** Picture to be added soon …. after I have a near death experience take my Math test!


6 thoughts on “Friday I’m In Love – Sissy

  1. gitwizard says:

    How were you both unfortunate enough to have broken collar bones at the same time?
    A collision while cycling together perhaps?
    This injury is very common amongst bike racers and after his crash in March ’09 Lance Armstrong was the recipient of a carbon clavicle implant!

  2. We broke our collar bones in two different accidents that both involved jumping! Lol I jumped off a bed and she jumped off a large rock.

    I remember our mom yelling at us as she strapped us into our braces. *Eeek*

  3. drdeathslover says:

    Hahahahaha…the first pic made me laugh, but the second one was priceless! Nice that you found those 🙂 Love you too! Always

  4. The first pic is one of my favorites of you. Shades, basket full of goodies… what a Cool Cat you are!

    I love the second one too… especially since I am sooo happy to be next to my sissy that I can’t even keep my eyes open because I’m smiling so big!!! Lol

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