Riddle Me This – 11.15.2010

I can turn dust into a star.

What am I?



****Congratulations to JohnC for cracking Riddle Me This!!!!

Stay tuned for next Month’s Riddle!


13 thoughts on “Riddle Me This – 11.15.2010

  1. Great answer JohnC. Gravitational collapse does in fact produce material densities sufficiently extreme as to trigger star formation. Therefore your answer satisfies the riddle. (gravitational collapse is the process by which stars are formed rather than gravity which is the tendency for masses to move towards each other. Thus, why the GitWiz’s answer did not win.)

    Although, my desired answer was simple: Nebula or interstellar cloud. ( In hind-sight, I really should have said, I am the material that forms into stars. What am I?)

    The materials that clump together in a Nebula result in gravitational collapse.

    In addition, one of the coolest objects to view in the night sky is the Orion Nebula.

  2. @Fracas: You’ve been thinking that since I met you.
    @wonderlandhwy: It’s more of a life giving force, imho. I still rather enjoy ranking my food afterwards, a marina sauce is best judged hours after digesting…you can almost smell the tomato blossoms on the vines. 🙂
    @self: Do you realize you’re Tweeting in comments?
    @self: Yes, but I wanted to clarify who I was addressing.
    @self: “whom”
    @self: Oh, get a life already!

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