Leonid Meteor Shower – Will Leo Purr or Roar this November?

Hope all of you have a chance to catch a glance at a few shooting meteors.  You know I’ll be awake, hoping for a meteor storm!

Read my latest article on the subject, feed this starving college student! 🙂

Leonid Meteor Shower Information and Watching Locations East of L.A.

Leave a comment or two over @ Yahoo!, if you so desire.

15 thoughts on “Leonid Meteor Shower – Will Leo Purr or Roar this November?

  1. Yes! Yahoo editors for you. I spelled it right, look at my tags! They edited a couple things. Like they changed winter skies to fall skies. Technically it is winter skies. Then a few other things… that include my title! The editor must have been in a bad mood because the feed back I received via email was rude. It was yahoo News so I’m sure they are under a lot of pressure. Oh well… I’m just another fish in the internet sea.

  2. I didn’t realise they edit your post, do they ask you first or do you sign away your rights to the content when you register?
    (shows how much I read the small print huh?)

  3. For this article, I did sign over my rights. It’s exclusive to Yahoo!

    I was a little upset that it had a typo. Luckily, no one else noticed it (thanks science freak.. j/k)

    I ended up sending them a response to my “feedback” as mentioned above. I inquired if the typo could be corrected. Hopefully, they will respond quickly.

    Clear skies?

  4. Good luck with that, if Yahoo want to be seen as a player in news reporting I think something as basic as the correct name should be high on their priorities.

    As you can see from this we had cloudy skies (over my part of the coast anyway, I live just to the right of the white dot at the end of ‘Southampton’). Forecast tonight looks a little better, but probably not clear enough.
    PS What is j/k?

  5. J/K = just kidding! I think it takes a science freak to know a science freak anyway! 🙂

    Waiting patiently… with clear skies and a crisp chill in the air. But Leo is not yet visible. (and my google sky map application is bugging out on me.)

    Time to start the coffee pot….

  6. All of us stargazers are hoping for that meteor that will not burn up until after entering our atmosphere. There is a show called MeteorMen where they seek meoteors all over the US. I was surprised at how many occurrences actually take place. They’re worth $$$ too.

    Speaking of, when I was a child I saw one. It was here in Cali. We really do have a wonderful full sky view you know. I am excited for December 14th and am hoping to take my tripod and camera equipment this time. It’s going to be cold. 🙂

    I know what you mean about not knowing how to read maps. Meteor Showers are named by the constellation region they are closest too. I think it was to help us remember where to find it! 🙂

  7. And btw, I do own sky maps. 🙂

    But I have to admit the Google sky map app in night vision is awesome!

    P.S. I figured out how to figure out how much time it takes for light to travel from distance objects in space to earth! In terms the average Joe can understand. More on that once my finals are over!!!

  8. Someone showed me a meteor that landed in a field in Ireland where her uncle was walking, it was small enough to fit in the palm of her hand and incredibly heavy!
    I like the listing on ebay I just looked at:
    Sikhote-Alin fragment meteorite 124.4 g
    Item condition: Used

  9. I wish I owned a meteor! 🙂

    And I wish I had that kind of time on my hands to build astro-physics apps. I have two finals next week and need to study! *sigh* I do have some app ideas though. However I would rather focus on writing. I am hoping to get some big writing projects done over winter break!!!!

  10. Is a ‘final’ literally the last test in your subject or does it mean the final exam for this term or year?
    Sorry, I shouldn’t be bugging you with questions when you should be studying.

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