Friday I’m In Love – Pre-Dawn Sky

November 18th @ approx. 5:15 am PST:

Venus rising from the East, above the Idyllwild Mountain in Southern California

Photo taken with my HTC Evo camera phone.


5 thoughts on “Friday I’m In Love – Pre-Dawn Sky

  1. But it’s only 5:11am Eastern right now! I ‘did’ stay up for the Leonids, unfortunately nothing to see due to my location having too much surrounding lighting.

  2. Great photo with a phone, it must have a ‘B’ setting type of facility I guess?
    Looking forward to the Leonid post, no luck here – even with clear skies I think we suffer too much light pollution like JohnC does.

  3. Unfortunately for John, there are no mountains in Florida. Aren’t there some local mountains near you GitWiz?

    I was off a state hwy where the elevation is approx. 5,000 ft (1524 m)! This is how I was able to get such a great full-sky view and have the opportunity to snap this pic. However, it was not the best night. There was some light pollution and fog rolling in. I’m thankful though that the clouds and rain waited until after the meteor shower. 🙂 It started raining last night and is suppose to rain for a few days straight. So I am not upset at all!

    P.S. The blue light coming from behind the mountain in the pic is light pollution from Palm Springs, CA. Just before the sun came up!

  4. I wouldn’t presume to call any of the ‘bumps’ near me mountains. The highest point of the South Downs is only 280m, steep enough to make cycling up them a pain though!

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